Who Was Your First? Technology First Dates

Who Was Your First? Technology First Dates

Jason Yang
Jun 4, 2012

We all remember our first date, first kiss, first car, and so on. Think back in tech terms and try to recall your first forays into technology. Who was your very first computer...cell phone, computer, TV, digital camera...

What Was Your First Computer?

Our first computer in the home was a big honking PC. When someone once asked what type of computer it was and as a child I asked my father he told me it was an "Orange" with a straight face. After learning how to use a computer on this "Orange" I finally figured out that he had no idea what a PC versus Apple was at the time and just made something up. Us kids will believe anything, and for a while I thought I had a sweet hybrid computer. I was also perhaps 8 years old. This thing was a monster of a beige PC, complete with 5-1/4" floppy disk drive and battling the old 640k memory constraints.

What Was Your First Laptop?

Our first laptop was an AMS Tech 5000 that we bought because it had a whopping 1024x768 resolution way back in the mid-90's, which is pretty impressive if you think about it. The Dell laptops at the time were only rocking 800x600 and that resolution was just impossible to do anything productive with. At the time it's large monitor, high resolution, swappable drives, and expandable memory were a huge luxury that cost perhaps $3,000. We still have it and it boots and runs Windows 95, but not much else.

What Was Your First TV?

Our family was fortunate to have several TVs while I was a child growing up, but my first TV when I went out on my own was a whopping 50" CRT rear projection my parents gave to me. It was absolutely massive, heavy, and out of alignment in its later years so you might say we had 3D before 3D was even starting to be a passing fad. I bought two 27" CRTs and put them on top side by side (it was that big) and with DirecTV's Sunday Ticket we had 3 games on a time. Awesome. This TV was the puppet show booth idea starter.

What Was Your First Digital Camera?
Before launching out on my own web design firm I worked for my uncle's internet company right when the internet first became a thing (I recall him walking in one day and saying "hey there's this new HTML thing I want you guys to take a look at"). We ran a BBS which quickly became a website for auto dealerships in the DC/MD/VA area and I often went out to the dealerships with a digital camera to snap the photos. We had this massive Kodak digital camera that took pictures on a 3.5" floppy disk. It was slow and the pictures were atrocious. Photography took a huge step backwards with the first digital cameras and we're only finally starting to get back to where the technology isn't the focus anymore and we're just back to taking nice pictures.

What Was Your First Cell Phone?

Our family's first cell phone was a huge honking brick of a car phone. Think Zack Morris but tethered to your car. The entire unit detached though and you could take it with you, but at the size of a small briefcase would you really want to? Not exactly "mobile phone" in that sense.

Let's Hear Your Own Firsts!

Tell us about your first time, your first gear and equipment, and what launched you into a lifetime love of all things tech!

(Images: Flickr member indi.ca, Wilson Afonso licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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