Unplggd as the Digital Watercooler: Workplace Discussions

Unplggd as the Digital Watercooler: Workplace Discussions

Mike Tyson
Aug 19, 2011

Sometimes the workplace might not be the perfect place to air your grievances due to stringent bosses or annoying coworkers. But where can you go to get some relief from the daily grind? Unplggd of course! We constantly love having discussions about our workplaces, brining up questions or complaints that might not always be a fitting for your office environment. After the jump we've collected some of our favorite workplace-centered discussions and invite you to continue the conversation.

Is Technology Ruining Professional Relationships?
Is there room to socialize in the office and is tech getting in the way of us doing that? We discuss the social etiquette of the office environment and whether technology is breaking that down.

How Tidy Should Your Work Desk Be?
What's better? A sparklingly bare desktop or one crowded with papers and notes possibly signifying a hard worker. We compare the pros and cons of these two mindsets and you weighed in on the subject as well.

Are You Territorial Over Your Office Space?
How protective are you over your various personal effects in the office? We know that people are constantly coming up with creative ways to secure their favorite chair under their desk when they're away. Do you lend out your books, stapler, headphones, etc.. or are you much less trusting when it comes to your belongings and lending them out?

Is there a workplace topic that is weighing on your mind that you'd love to discuss? Let us know and we'll be happy to get the ball rolling.

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