Tara's Before Photos: My Room is an Oversized Outbox!

Tara's Before Photos: My Room is an Oversized Outbox!

Tara Bellucci
Aug 5, 2013

Remember back in January when I hauled a carful of stuff to Goodwill that had been filling up my "guest" (HA!) room? Well, there was more where that came from, and it's still in there. This month, the crap goes, and the Outbox Room truly transforms into a usable, multipurpose space. 

The only time I enter the Outbox is to scoop the litter box or grab a roll of paper towels, so picking a never sit spot was super easy. I plopped down onto the floor, and surveyed in horror the state of this space. 

It looks like a hobo camp. 

Mountains of random stuff teeter precariously out from the doorless closet, the lazily primed walls around it dotted with forgotten test swatches. The hum of my brother's beer fridge and a faint whiff of kitty business really add to the atmosphere. 

I thought posting before photos of my kitchen cabinet was painful. I was young and stupid then. This is much, much worse. Here we go (potential hoarder trigger warning):

At least any results at the end of the month will be an improvement. I could invite actual hobos to live in my room for August, and it will probably look better than it does now.

Even the cats are judging me. 

After I recovered from my initial shock, I spent the remainder of my 10 minutes planning what I want for this room. I want it to be a little jewel box... a quiet place to meditate, relax, and read. I want a desk or table so that I can sew, craft, and write in here. And I want hidden storage for the litter box, paper goods, craft supplies, and air mattress.

I have a lot of work to do this month, but I can't wait to wow you all with the results!

On a scale of 1 to my room, how awful is your before photo?

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(Images: Tara Bellucci)

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