Got 15 Minutes? A Room-by-Room Guide for a Speedy Room Refresh This Weekend

Got 15 Minutes? A Room-by-Room Guide for a Speedy Room Refresh This Weekend

Danielle Blundell
Apr 28, 2018
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All too often home makeovers require serious time and money. So we put together a room-by-room decorating punch list that can actually be accomplished within a weekend, for those of us that are short on time and even shorter on cash. Sometimes a few key items — or simple decorating moves — can really make a big difference. But if you want to sit this one out and just relax on your couch this Saturday and Sunday, well, that's fine, too. Maybe you'll come up with a brilliant quick change of your own to put into effect next weekend. Until then, here are some thoughts on refreshing a few of the main rooms in your home.

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Give your cabinets a facelift. And no, we don't mean paint them because that could take days. Instead focus on a quick upgrade like swapping out old knobs or handles for new ones. It's easier to tackle this project if you can use the original screw holes, so make sure you're picking hardware that's compatible with your existing setup. And yes, you could spend a fortune on brass knobs, but there are plenty of cheaper, trend-forward options out there at your local home center or hardware store.

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Shore up your storage. Entries and foyers see a lot of coming and going—with a healthy amount of throwing on jackets and gear, and grabbing bags or setting things down. So if you haven't done it already, add some storage to this room's design equation. Ideally, you'd have enough space for a bench with built-in shelving under its seat. That way, you get a perch to put on your shoes and to stash your stuff.

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But if you don't have the space for all that jazz, an even cheaper solution is a wall-mount shelving unit or hook rail with cubbies. This is a good solution for corralling keys, light coats, dog leashes and grocery totes — all the things you might need as you head out the door. If you're really short on space and time, try the new metallic or matte black Command hooks, which can be put up without even breaking out a hammer. The larger size can hold up to four pounds, so before you buy, think about what you want to hang here. Smaller hooks are great for light items like keys and earphones.

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Get artsy above your headboard. Stop procrastinating and fill that blank wall above your bed! There are plenty of ways to add something visually interesting to this spot that will make your bedroom feel more finished. Hang a large scale piece of artwork or a trio of smaller framed prints; or, for an even quicker, cheaper idea, try swagging a set or two of twinkling lights like a garland above your bed, then adding in some favorite photos or postcards (at a safe distance from the bulbs) with paper clips.

You could even string a set of lights around a vanity mirror or the footboard of your bed if it has one.

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Living Room

Shake up your floor plan. Reconfiguring the layout of the furniture in a room can make it look and feel totally different. If you have a view of the outdoors, try to make sure it's visible from all seating areas, so shift pieces around a bit to make that happen. Maybe you can't move your sofa, but how about rearranging your accent chairs? Shop another room in your home for a table or floor lamp, and make a swap with one that you already have. And why not throw some oversized cushions on the floor? Boho seating is easy to pull off because it's basically just big pillows set right on the ground. Done and done.

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If you're in a small space and your layout really can't be changed, try simply pulling things away from the wall a bit. Just a few inches of extra space around pieces can open up an area more than you'd think. And consider adding a mirror or two, which will help throw light around your space and can reflect a beautiful window view if placed opposite.


Change textiles. Step 1: Get your bathroom clean for spring. Step 2: Add some new linens to the mix. You don't have to go crazy with all new bath towels. Focus on what you see the most when you walk into the room. To that end, upgrading your shower curtain, bath mat and guest hand towels will make the biggest impact.

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Look for antimicrobial finishes and low-maintenance materials that can be thrown in the wash. Consider bamboo or another type of wood for your mat — it's renewable and water-resistant. Plus, it'll get you one step closer to nailing that luxe spa look in your bath.

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Dining Room

Install a dimmer switch. Low lighting creates atmosphere and ambiance. Where better to capitalize on those vibes than in a dining room? You need to be able to see your food, yes, but trust us when we say a dimmer will take your dinner party game up a notch — and is a pretty easy upgrade to pull off sans an electrician. Of course, if you feel uncomfortable dealing with wiring, always call in a pro. But if you follow manufacturer's instructions and work patiently, you can install a dimmer switch in about 20 minutes or so.

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So this weekend, just go for it. Even a small change can bring a bit of extra happiness into your home, and there's no time like the start of a new season to break out of your decorating rut.

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