Nixie Clocks: Great Examples of Designcentric Geek Style

Nixie Clocks: Great Examples of Designcentric Geek Style

Joelle Alcaidinho
Aug 24, 2011

It's not a stretch to say that we think Nixie clocks occupy this space where design and geekiness meet. Of course there are examples of poorly constructed Nixie clocks, but for the most part we have been blown away by the creativity of designers and artisans who have made clocks that seem simultaneously old timey and futuristic. One of the most recent examples that we have seen comes from the maker of the Concrete Clock who has combined a first generation Apple TV with a Nixie clock, creating a device that appeals to Apple lovers, geeks, and design nerds.

Stylish Nixie Clocks:
1) ATV1: Originally spotted on Core77 & TUAW we can't take our eyes off this Nixie clock made from the first generation Apple TV. Made by hand, by Luxembourg-based designer Daniel Kurth, the clock is a clever homage to the Apple design aesthetic and a brilliant way to upcycle a piece of equipment that is no longer functional.

2) Concrete Cloth: Another Daniel Kurth creation, this clock is made from six vintage Z560M Nixie tubes that are enclosed in a rough concrete exterior. The designer is still exploring production options and we hope to see this clock ,as well as his ATV1, available for sale soon.

3) Chronotronix V400: This Nixie clock made of cherry wood and shiny black anodized aluminum has a decidedly elegant bent and is available in limited quantities for $450.

4) Acrylic Nixie Tube Clock: The acrylic housing of this Nixie tube clock gives it a modern feel and the cross-fade between the digits as the time changes is pretty nifty.

5) Chronotronix IN-18: Made from Russian IN-18 Nixie tubes and stainless steel, this clock, like its brother the v400, looks rather refined. $309

6) Nixie Wall Clock: We discovered this clock from reader Southwick's comment, and we have to say we quite like the take BDDW has on the classic grandfather clock.

More clock fun from the Unplggd archives:

What's the niftiest Nixie clock you've spotted?

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