Mount Night Light Under Bed For Discreet Ambient Glow

Mount Night Light Under Bed For Discreet Ambient Glow

Range Govindan
Apr 4, 2011

When you've got little ones coming in and out of your bedroom, you need to have some kind of night light around. While most night lights are pretty standard and will work well, we like how this hack enables you to create a lighting solution that will cast a discreet ambient glow, perfect for when kids need them or when you come home late when your partner is already asleep.

Pedro Farinha from Portugal needed a solution to create a soft and ambient light for the bedroom. The need arose from the new addition to their family, and since the baby had to be fed at night, he came up with this interesting hack. His idea was to install two fluorescent light tubes below his king-sized bed to act as night lights. He noticed that the light reflected off the floor and created enough light to change diapers and to feed the baby while his partner was able to continue sleeping.

We like how this option has many uses. There's always a need for discreet lighting in the bedroom, especially when you can switch it on and off from afar. When you come home from work late at night, it's a nice way of being considerate and not waking up your partner with a blinding light. Pedro used fluorescent light tubes for his hack and simply mounted them underneath the bed.

This intelligent solution could also be used in the rooms of children, utterly convincing them that there are no monsters under the bed. If fluorescent tubes or CFL bulbs are too bright for you, then you could always use an LED lighting system, like the IKEA Dioder LED kit. This could prevent any breakage of the fluorescent tube, which could happen if children are involved. You won't need any fancy wiring if your bedroom has a light switch that controls a power plug with a flick. A lot of rooms have these installed already, and putting this hacked night light on it makes a lot of sense.

(via Ikeahackers, photos by Pedro Farinha)

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