Kitchen Tech We'd Own If We Had a Larger Kitchen

Kitchen Tech We'd Own If We Had a Larger Kitchen

Joelle Alcaidinho
Aug 23, 2011

For all of you folks in similar living situations (kitchens smaller than 20 square feet) you know what we're talking about, sometimes you really just don't have the room. Despite how much you can practically taste the amazing ice cream you'd make with that fancy compression ice cream maker, you just know, it would not fit in your kitchen. While opinions differ on single use appliances, we have to admit, if we had the room, we would definitely provide a home for some of these high tech kitchen gadgets.

We've been considering moving, and one of the bright spots to our potential new home would be a significantly larger kitchen. This larger kitchen would finally allow us to have such exotic appliances like a stand mixer, so to help soften the blow of moving, we decided to compile a list of other awesome pieces of kitchen tech we would finally have room for:

1) Coffee Maker: As much as our household has tried to break our caffeine habits (even going as far as eliminating the coffee machine with our initial move into the city) we still crave a fine cup of joe. What this has meant is that we spend way too much money on espresso at our local coffee chain. A machine like the Miele CM5000 has the tech chops that satisfy our geeky selves and we think the white colour would look rather fantastic in our new place. $1,999

2) Sous Vide: Speaking of geekiness, we have been eager to try our hand at some Sous Vide fun. For those not in the know, Sous Vide is a technique where foods are slowly cooked using precise temperature control in a vacuum-sealed pouch inside a water bath. Because of all the equipment that goes with this cooking technique, we have never invested in the gear due to the tiny kitchen. The first step in getting set up for Sous Vide would be getting an immersion circulator like this one from PolyScience. $800

3) Rice Cooker: Our friends rave about their rice cooker and we think a programmable rice cooker like this one from Panasonic, would make a nice addition to a larger kitchen and would definitely be a uni-tasker that we would not regret. $199

4) Ice Cream Maker: It would not be an exaggeration to say that this appliance has been one we have been coveting for quite some time. All of our attempts at making ice cream without a machine have failed, rendering products that were too soft or too hard and we are more than a little tired of carefully following ice cream recipes only to fail because we lack an ice cream machine. Based on the excellent reviews by Faith at the Kitchn, we are considering either the Cuisinart Supreme Ice Cream Maker or the DeLonghi Gelato Maker. $248 & $255

5) Cup Pie Maker: Laugh all you like, but ever since watching Pushing Daisies we have attempted to create the perfect individual cup pies. Sadly, we have not yet been able to make the perfect cup pies despite trying numerous sizes of pie sheets, tins, and cupcake pans, so perhaps this personal pie making appliance by Breville, the lowest tech item on our list, would do the trick. Did we mention it is currently on sale, friends who might be looking for the perfect housewarming gift? $99

6) Bread Maker: We know how to make bread the old fashioned way in our tiny oven that the significant other has dubbed, "The Easy Bake" for its diminutive size, but we are rather fascinated by the potential in high tech bread makers like this one from Breville. With 13 settings and digital controls this bread maker makes our nerd hearts beat faster and we'd love to have the counter space for this bad boy. $249

7) Convection Oven: Ever since baking in a friend's kitchen with a convection oven we have been smitten with the idea of having one in our home. We love the internal sensor and precise digital temperature control found in many a convection oven and think that our baking happiness would increase by having one (or two) of these. Unfortunately, since we are renters the odds of having a convection oven in the new apartment are more than a little rare, so we will have to satisfy our convection needs with a countertop convection oven like this one from Breville. $249

8) Automatic Yogurt Maker: Of course there are low-tech ways to make yogurt, but since we are Unplggd, we would be remiss not to mention the Automatic Yogurt Maker. We love yogurt, but do not like the fancy Greek yogurt prices, so the idea of an automatic yogurt maker is highly appealing. Since its in our "high tech" category you can digitally customize the fermentation process, making yogurt making geekier than ever. $49

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What's on your kitchen tech lust list?

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho taken at Williams-Sonoma)

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