IKEA Lovin': The Best Of IKEA Tech Hacking & DIY

IKEA Lovin': The Best Of IKEA Tech Hacking & DIY

Jason Yang
Aug 9, 2011

Welcome to the ultimate guide to IKEA hacking and DIY at Unplggd, with over 100 articles devoted to all things IKEA. Anything and everything about IKEA that's been highlighted in these pages is carefully cataloged and categorized (sorta) for your pleasure and convenience. Well maybe not *everything - man can only endure search for so long (in this case a couple of hours). We've got IKEA hacking, Ikea DIY, and even some normal IKEA pieces that we just found extraordinary.

'Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself, though not from IKEA
What's IKEA? it is nor desk, nor chair,
Nor kitchen, nor dining, nor any other part
Belonging to a home. O, be some other name!
What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
So IKEA would, were it not IKEA call'd,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. IKEA, doff thy name,
And for that name which is no part of thee
Take all my money.

IKEA Inspiration, Ideas, & Behind the Blog - Ikeahacker
Read about Jules, the woman behind Ikeahacker, as well as previewing the IKEA 2012 catalog and tech ideas to steal from the big book of Swedish love.

IKEA Help Hotlines, Manuals, Assembly Tips, Helpful Websites, Apps, & Missing Parts

IKEA Cord Control & Cable Management
Use IKEA products and hangers to manage your unsightly cables and cords.

Ikea Storage Solutions: Angled Wall Shelving, Office Storage, Files, & Paper
A fun and cheap solution from IKEA for putting shelving on angled walls and hanging files out in the open.

IKEA Hacking & DIY: Workspaces & Desks
A desk made out of a pallet, using cabinets to build a desk, fitting a USB hub into your desk, and a floating iMac desk.

IKEA Hacking: Laptop Stands
Look how many different IKEA products work as laptop stands!

IKEA Hacking & DIY: Standing Desks
Fun custom standing desks for those who can't sit still.

IKEA Hacking & DIY: Coffee Tables

IKEA Hacking & DIY: Entertainment
Entertainment centers, media consoles, & TV cabinets

IKEA Gaming
Hacked remote & video game controller storage.

IKEA Stealth
Hiding computers & tech.

IKEA Stealth: Hiding Radiators & Heaters
Hide unsightly heaters with IKEA kit.

IKEA Makeovers
What once was old is now new.

IKEA Can Even Make Fire
Make fire with IKEA parts.

IKEA Lighting
Lamps, hacking, & DIY lighting.

IKEA Backlit Spaces
Backlit workspaces and furniture.

IKEA Makes Music
Music studios, speakers, speaker stands, headphone stands, & turntable stands.

IKEA In People's Homes
Tech Tours & miscellaneous fantastic IKEA setups

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