How To Survive a Double / Two-Part Move

How To Survive a Double / Two-Part Move

Tess Wilson
Aug 20, 2013

I packed up all my stuff for the move from my studio in San Francisco to the prairies of Illinois, but there's a bit of a hiccup: it may be months or even a year before we're able to move from my partner's house in town to the Sight Unseen House-To-Be. I'm in moving limbo, but I really don't mind...

I suppose I could unpack everything now, but I'd just have to pack it all up again, and I feel like it will be more special to save all my favorite things for our new home. Just being here is so new and special — I want to soak it in and not try to control or rush things too much. Here's how I've organized my stuff, and what's where:

Kitchen Supplies: I peeked into my kitchen supply boxes and pulled out a few favorites: my beloved teapot that will keep me from constantly forgetting I have a pan of water on to boil, my tongs, and my cast iron skillets. Since the kitchen here is already stocked, I've kept all my other gadgets and dishes packed away until we set up a new kitchen together.

Clothes: I originally packed up all my clothes by season, making it super simple to unpack. My summer things are in my closet, my fall and winter clothes are still in boxes, and my winter coats and dresses are neatly hung in the coat closet. I also have a box of clothes marked "Non-Urgent" of things I wanted to keep but don't necessarily need yet. 

Books and Cookbooks: My books are staying in their boxes until we move, so I've been making weekly trips to the library. Cookbooks are a different story: I pulled out a half-dozen of my favorites to help me make the most of the garden's summer bounty. 

Decor and Art: I'm saving all the pretty stuff for our new place, but I'm keeping an eye out for thrift store frames for my stash of art, for someday.

Basement Vs. Closet: On a shelf in a basement, I'm storing the things that cannot be affected by dampness: ceramics, china, my cake decorating turntable, etc. I've also commandeered an upstairs closet to store things I don't want to get musty (books, my Pendleton blanket, art, photos, vintage purses) and things I want easy access to (art supplies, embroidery supplies, files). 

Have you ever done a two-part move? How did you handle it?

(Image: Tess Wilson)

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