Before and After: A Makeover for a Disastrous, Doorless Closet

Before and After: A Makeover for a Disastrous, Doorless Closet

Tess Wilson
Feb 27, 2018
(Image credit: Jonesville)

If your home doesn't contain at least one disastrous closet, I salute you. (And if you only have one closet, it's even more likely to be overstuffed and overwhelmed!) This doorless closet, which was a catchall for everything from cakestands to lampshades, got a full makeover for less than $100 and is now totally display-worthy.

(Image credit: Jonesville)

This major spruce-up was completed by Elizabeth of Jonesville, who had to find a way to adapt this closet to hold a wide variety — but not too wide a variety — of goods including towels, paper towels, toilet paper, and toiletries as well as outerwear and umbrellas, and look good doing it. The unified hangers make a huge difference, while the eclectic assortment of baskets works because though they're different colors and materials, they share a similar natural and timeless aesthetic.

Elizabeth wrote about how this closet always both attracted and harbored a ton of stuff, including totally unnecessary outerwear. I can totally relate: I might happily get rid of clothes when they no longer fit or suit me, but I cling to my coats and jackets as if my life depends on them — because I secretly believe that someday it might. Sure, this raincoat is dated and too small and kinda ripped, but it's a raincoat, damnit! Elizabeth is super happy about clearing out the jacket stash, and something that helps me do the same is remembering all the people who need my coats way more than I do. If you're having trouble purging, finding a cause you believe in to donate your stuff to can really help.

On Jonesville, there's a complete breakdown of the costs involved in this project:

Budget Spent:

Paint Sample, Seagull Gray - $3
Ikea baskets - $24 ($12 each)
Small Wire Basket - $18 ($28 orig. w/ 30% off Home + 5% off Red Card)
Large Wire Basket - $13 ($20 orig. w/ 30% off Home + 5% off Red Card)
Small Wicker Basket - $23 ($36 orig. w/ 30% off Home + 5% off Red Card)
Lazy Suzan - $12
1"x 2" Pineboards - $6
TOTAL: $96

Things I Already Had:

Rollers / Brush - $20
Frog tape - $11
Long level - $5 (Harbor Freight doesn't have good quality tools but their levels are awesome and budget friendly)
Caulk - $3
Pine boards - $40
Wood stain - $4
Circle Wicker Basket - $35
Glass Jars - $20 (?)
Total with things I already had: $234

I am so completely impressed with, and grateful to, Elizabeth for acknowledging the value of all the things that were already on-hand; many "affordable" Before & After projects only have a low price point because the residents already owned several hundred dollars worth of supplies to work with.

(Image credit: Jonesville)

These corner shelves can be tricky; sure, they add extra storage to an awkward nook, but it's all-too-easy to cram stuff in there and forget about it. It's not cute, and it means that when you want a towel, you have to move a pack of lightbulbs first.

(Image credit: Jonesville)

Now the most has been made of this corner, with handy baskets (just slide them out to access or organize the contents), attractively rolled towels, more jumble-y items hidden from view, and even some luxuriously empty space. It is so inspiring that Elizabeth was able to bring this closet from "50% of the stuff in this closet were just there because I was either just too lazy to put it in the attic or it just didn't have a specified spot," to "I actually ran out of stuff to put on the shelves so I stuck all my journals in there," without investing a massive amount of money. Well done!

Thank you, Elizabeth!

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