Panoramas and Photo Editing Apps

Panoramas and Photo Editing Apps

Jesse Leikin
Aug 19, 2011

Thanks to cell phone cameras nearing the quality of point and shoot cameras (lower end), it's easy to see why user prefer the convenience of relying upon their mobile phone for photos. While stock photo apps are serviceable, it's third party applications that are really what has made mobile phone photography so popular (in fact, Flickr reported the iPhone was the #1 "camera" used by uploaders). Everyone already knows about Instagram and Camera+, so here are a few more photography apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7.


360 Panorama: When it comes to taking panoramas, mobile applications really help simplify the process. And with so many choices for iPhone, it is hard to pick out a great pano app. With 360 Panorama (free for a limited time), you search for the perfect panorama app is over. Simply choose a starting point and follow the grid to align your photo and the app will stitch everything for you.

Pixlr-o-matic: Apps like Camera+ are great for adding quick global photo effects. But if you are looking for more control akin to a dark room, look no further then Autodesk's Pixlr-o-matic. Add filters, processing effects, and even localized lighting effects to any photo for a unique and personalized touch to all of your photos.


FxCamera: Avid Android users may easily become envious of their iOS counterparts because of apps like Instagram. However, with apps like FxCamera, there is little reason to be jealous. Add effects like Fisheye, ToyCam, and Warhol and you will be able to add a whole other dimension to your mobile photos.

Photaf 3D Panorama: Much like 360 Panorama for iOS, Photaf 3D panorama allows users to create beautiful panos through a relatively simple interface. Instead of a grid, however, Photaf uses more of a free form method. Despite the difference in method, Photaf 3D Panorama creates amazing mobile panoramas.

Windows Phone 7

Ztitch: By far the best panorama app for WP7, Ztitch provides a great user interface for taking interactive 3D panoramas. Besides just being able to take and view panoramas, Ztitch provides an environment for interacting with these 360 degree panos. At least until Microsoft releases Photosynth for WP7, this is the must have pano app for your Windows Phone.

Colorize: Every now and then you will see photos where a picture is in black and white except for one particular area. This area is in full color and because of its colorless surroundings it stands out. With Colorize, you can easily mimic this effect in your own photography. Simply load a picture, and use your finger as stylus to show the area that you would like to see in color. Its that easy.

(Top Image: Flickr member Soxofaanlicensed for use under Creative Commons)

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