Follow this Feng Shui "Energy Map" for Your Workspace

Follow this Feng Shui "Energy Map" for Your Workspace

Taryn Williford
Aug 29, 2011

Will keeping a green plant in the upper left part of your desk inspire your wealth to grow? Yes, according to Feng Shui. But even if you don't believe in the ancient Chinese system of aesthetics, this Feng-Shui-inspired desk top energy map can still provide a lot of tangible benefits to your workflow.

This article from Whole Living Magazine outlines nine desk zones that can each have a Chinese mystical effect on improving your life.

While it can't be proven that a red candle will definitely advance your reputation, there are solid benefits to some the principles of desk Feng Shui:

Green for Green
Feng Shui Principle: Keeping a green plant in the upper left corner of your desk inspires wealth.
Immediate Benefit: Keeping plants in the office improves office air quality and helps to keep you healthy.

Keep Family Close
Feng Shui Principle: Keeping a family photo in the middle left zone nourishes close ties.
Immediate Benefit: Photos of your family (including pets) will make you smile, keeping you chugging through a tough workday.

The More You Know
Feng Shui Principle: Keeping books or reference material in the front left of your desk will energize learning.
Immediate Benefit: Keeping industry books and magazines very nearby can give you something productive to do with your spare moments and inspire your work with new ideas.

Career Success
Feng Shui Principle: Placing your computer front-and-center with an image of water on the desktop encourages your career to grow.
Immediate Benefit: Keeping your screen right in front is the best ergonomic position to reduce strain on your neck and shoulders, assuming your monitor and chair are set at the proper heights.

A Clean Slate
Feng Shui Principle: Add a blank journal or stack of sticky notes to the middle-right zone on your desk to encourage creativity.
Immediate Benefit: A non-digital place to record your thoughts is as useful for organization as creativity. We use a color-coded Post-It note system on our desk.

Keep in Touch
Feng Shui Principle: Keep your telephone at the front right portion of your workspace to stay mentally connected to helpful people who support you.
Immediate Benefit: Well, you can stay connected to the people that support you and your work. Plus, you're less likely to forget your phone if you leave it next to your mouse instead of in a desk drawer.

Whole Living magazine via Pocketful of Dreams

(Images: Pocketful of Dreams, Whole Living)

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