Tackle This One Small Push for a Better (and Happier!) Space by Monday

Tackle This One Small Push for a Better (and Happier!) Space by Monday

Shifrah Combiths
May 4, 2018
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To-do (and honey-do) lists tend to be full of things that have fallen into disrepair. And so many of them go undone in large part because the mental hurdle of addressing them is just too much of an uphill climb. But this weekend, we're going to pick just one thing around the house, face it head-on, and (finally!) cross it off the list.

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This Weekend's Assignment:

Fix one thing that's broken.

How to Decide What to Work On

When you're choosing which item to fix this weekend, think about whether your target is something you even need in the first place. Much of our accumulated clutter comes from items that "need to be fixed" — everything from books with torn pages to small appliances that a member of the household is convinced they can tinker with and bring to life. Consider whether keeping these items and expending the time and energy (and money) to fix them is something you want to spend your precious and limited resources on.

Is your child about to outgrow the bicycle whose seat has needed fixing for the last two months? You could, instead, sell it as-is and decide to fix something else that's either more of a permanent fixture in your home or an item that will get much more use once it's functioning again. (And look for a bigger bike for your child, of course!)

Just Get One Thing Done

Once you've identified the object that you'll fix, you may be able to do it quickly and easily. Maybe it's a favorite shirt you needed to replace a button on. Needle, thread, scissors, button, boom and done. If the task is more involved, however, you may need to gather tools and make a game plan. Some such tasks could include fixing or replacing a leaking faucet, fixing a lock that sticks, or balancing an uneven washer. If you need to, be sure to spend some time looking up tutorials on how to fix the item properly. Invest the time now to do the best job you can to avoid a premature second repair down the road.

Once you've fixed your thing, you'll be amazed to discover how much energy it took just to navigate the annoyances of it being broken. For example, we just replaced a leaky faucet and I'm more happy than you'd think when I turn off the faucet now and don't have to spend several seconds finding the sweet spot that keeps it from drip-drip-dripping. Life's little pleasures.

Before you go, tell us: what will you fix?

You can catch up with weekend projects right here. Share your progress with us and others by posting updates and photos on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #atweekendproject.

Remember: This is about improvement, not perfection. Each week you can either choose to work on the assignment we've sent you, or tackle another project you've been meaning to get to. It's also completely okay to skip a weekend if you're busy or not feeling the assignment.

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