DODOcase BOOKback for iPad 2

DODOcase BOOKback for iPad 2

Eric Chen
Aug 9, 2011

Product: DODOcase BOOKback for iPad 2
Price: $24.95
Rating: Recommend*

We all love the look and feel of the aluminum casing Apple uses throughout its product line. But it is infamous for getting scratches and damage from everyday use. If, like us, you have been scouring for a case that would protect the back of your iPad 2 without added bulk or mess with the clean original design, the BOOKback from the makers of the famous DODOcase, could be your answer. We tested the BOOKback designed for the iPad 2 to see if it will provide the protection we need while keeping the iPad 2 design clean and simple. Read on to see what we found.

Application: The DODOcase BOOKback is a "sticker" based product that is designed to be stuck onto the back of your iPad 2. The application process was straight forward enough, just be sure to wash your hands and clean your work surface before you put it on to prevent dust from sticking under the cover. While making fine adjustments along the way, we were able to get the cover right the first time.

An issue we had was figuring out how to align it, since it didn't cover the back of the iPad 2 from edge to edge. A good starting point is to align the hole reserved for the lens of the iPad 2 camera. The instructions that came with the product mentioned that if you were to make any mistakes you would be able to peel back and start over. But we're not sure how many times you could do this before the adhesive loses its stickiness.

Design: As you can see from the pictures, the BOOKback for iPad 2 is not deigned to cover the entire backside of the device. There are a few advantages to this, the cover stays very snugly over the large flat surface and doesn't create any folds in the corners that can gather dust. Also you will still be able to use the Apple smart cover if you have one. But on the down side, this means that the edges around your iPad is left unprotected from scratching.

The material DODOcase used for the BOOKback is the same material that is used on their legendary DODOcase. Which means that the feel of the BOOKback is designed to feel just like the cover of a bounded book (thus the name BOOKback). This adds a high quality dimension to the product that you won't find on most "sticker" based products. This also provides grip over the slippery feel of the aluminum, which is especially useful when you're holding your iPad 2 with one hand.

In Use: We were worried about those pesky bubbles that is common with most "sticker" based products. But since the BOOKback is textured and opaque, any small bubbles we did have were not noticeable – just don't look too closely under bright light.

Another thing we were worried about was whether or not the BOOKback protected the bottom edge of the iPad 2 when using it with the smart cover in the tilted position. In our testing over the flat surface of our desk, the BOOKback does reach the bottom edge enough to separate the iPad and the surface of the desk. However, we imagine when it's on an uneven surface, the uncovered edge of the iPad 2 will probably still come in contact with the surface that it's sitting on.


  • provides protection to the majority of the back of the iPad
  • does not add bulk or weight
  • made from very high quality material
  • textured material makes iPad easier to hold and grip with one hand
  • strong adhesive makes this very durable


  • does not cover the entire back of the iPad
  • only protects against scratches not drops or falls
  • covers the beautiful aluminum back and Apple logo (for some, this could be a pro)
  • only comes in black

The Bottom Line (& Who Should Buy): The DODOcase BOOKback is great for those of you looking for lightweight protection for your iPad 2 that looks and feels high end. However, for those that take their iPad 2 everywhere and are looking for more protection agains bumps and drops, we recommend either a more comprehensive solution, like the original DODOcase, or getting an extra slip on case that would provide more cushioning. The BOOKback is the perfect protection if you use a smart cover with your iPad 2 or if you mainly use your iPad at home or indoors.

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