Dabney's Floorplan: Wide Open Space, Divided

Dabney's Floorplan: Wide Open Space, Divided

Dabney Frake
Aug 8, 2013

Well, I'm glad you're still reading, even after my scary "before" photo the other day. You are all kind souls for not taking me to task for that disaster of a room. Thankfully we are on to brighter days and an actual floor plan, so we can put that eyesore behind us. Good riddance.

I've never done a floor plan before. I usually just shift stuff around until something mentally 'clicks' and it feels right. I'll leave it that way until some new piece of furniture is gifted to me by the Craigslist gods, and then start moving things around again. I'm sure there are 'correct' ways to lay out a room, but I'm so not aware of them. 

There are a couple of barriers to work around, but not too many. Besides the usual doorways and windows, the room has one column in the (somewhat) middle of the room, and a built-in window bench on the right when you first walk in from the living room. Almost one entire wall is also taken up by a large sliding barn door. Lastly, that long worktable is a beast, but oh-so-handy, so I won't get rid of it. It is eleven feet long, so there are limits to the places it can live without looking awkward and poking out in weird ways.

I moved my little furniture action figures around on my room game board for a little while, and this configuration feels pretty good. I have distinct areas for working at a desk, making things, and then sitting if need be. Once I have the furniture, I might have to shift things around in real life as well. I'm also open to any suggestions if anyone cares to contribute something brilliant. 

One problem I anticipate is finding affordable, large rugs that will work in the space. This worries me already. 

(Image: Dabney Frake)

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