Credit Card Search Sites: Good Tools in a Bad Recession

Credit Card Search Sites: Good Tools in a Bad Recession

Jeff Heaton
Aug 22, 2011

We are all riding the thrashing waves of the economic system right now. We may be on track for a double-dip recession. There are few positives in this time of struggle, but one is historically low interest rates. If you have stellar credit now could be the time to refinance your home or take advantage of better loans. Almost everyone, however, can benefit from a better credit card. Today we're featuring a few sites that help you choose a credit card that fits you and hopefully make use of one of the few advantages we have now.

This site has a simple interface and a great system for getting you to what card you might want. Within a few clicks you'll see what NerdWallet recommends and can use check boxes and sliders to narrow it down. The site also makes some recommendations on how to choose a card depending on type at the bottom of each page. It doesn't teach you all the ins and outs of credit cards, but if you understand what you're getting into this is a great tool for finding and picking a card.

Credit card information is only part of this site. From CDs to retirement, Bankrate makes a wide variety of information about financial services available to you. While the interface is not nearly as simple as NerdWallet, it is full of features and can be part of a one-stop-shop approach to your financial needs.

This site is part of U.S. Citizens for Fair Credit Card Terms, a consumer advocacy group devoted to educating consumers about credit cards. The credit card search is pretty straight forward, though not the fastest to use. We include this one because many people trust the source above other companies, though they still take you right to an application from a card's description.

This is possibly the most comprehensive list out there with 1,600+ cards in its database. If you're looking for sheer number of possibilities this one would be the one to try. Like the other sites it has a calculator and some decent information about choosing credit cards.

We must emphasize that we support informed choices. These sites are meant to aid you if you find you could use a credit card. Some provide useful information in understanding credit cards, but a real grasp of credit is the basis for using these products wisely. These sites' recommendations can help point you in the right direction, not make good decisions for you.

(Images: Flickr users Fosforix and Andres Rueda under Creative Commons)

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