How Does Color Factor into Your Purchases?

How Does Color Factor into Your Purchases?

Carolyn Purnell
Aug 13, 2013

It's certainly not news that color has a powerful psychological influence on our daily life. Color can invigorate us, calm us down, and inspire us to buy some things and avoid others. Color elicits feelings, behaviors, and desires, carrying longstanding cultural resonances and forming part of a deep collective psychology. Here are some insightful color infographics that unpack some of the myriad effects of colors and offer some food for thought.

Kissmetrics has created several fascinating infographics on color, but perhaps the most interesting one is the graphic featured above, which offers insight into how colors affect our buying habits. Personally, I find it interesting how dominant sight is in our purchasing decisions. Stopping to consider how I shop, this absolutely makes sense, but this infographic certainly made me consider how my other senses affect my consumer choices. Is there anything here that struck you as unexpected?

If you're interested in this type of information, I would also suggest that you take a look at Kissmetrics' infographic on how colors affect conversions and their breakdown of color preferences by gender. In terms of the relevance of this information for decor, it may interest you to know that 2 out of 3 people won't buy an appliance unless it comes in the color of their preference, and orange is universally considered one of the most hated colors. 

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Granted, all of this information is highly culturally specific. According to the above infographic, from Information is Beautiful (also featured before the jump), orange connotes friendliness in Western/American culture while it connotes desire in a Hindu culture. 

There are many elements that contribute to the visual appearance of a good: shape, style, texture, tone. But what these infographics suggest is that color is far from a secondary consideration. Within 90 seconds, our brain has made an assessment of a product, and color plays a significant role in that assessment.

(Images: 1. Information is Beautiful, 2. Kissmetrics, 3. Information is Beautiful)

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