Can This Device Tune You Into a Good Night's Rest?

Can This Device Tune You Into a Good Night's Rest?

Emily Stears
Aug 29, 2011

Product: Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet
Price: $302
Rating: Weak Recommend*

Does counting sheep not do it for you? There's now a medication-free solution you wear on your wrist which may help you put an end to anxiety and sleepless nights. A favourite of both Rupert Murdoch and Oprah, Philip Stein Sleep Bracelets are stylish watch-like wrist bands designed with an extra health-related feature utilizing frequency technology and is purported to be effective if your lack of rest and inability to relax is stress related. It's also recommended as an aid to those who suffer from fear of flying...

How It Works:
As you may know, all objects have a frequency at which they resonate. If your body is exposed to a certain frequency or "beat" for a certain amount of time, some believe users will fall into sync with the frequency, affecting your state of mind, similar to when energized with upbeat tempo music or using a hum/chant to reach a relaxed meditative state.

Built into this bracelet is a natural frequency technology metal disk which is advertised to emit signals at special frequencies. These frequencies supposedly interact with the body's "biofield" creating a feeling of harmony and calm. Still not convinced about frequency technology? Download a Binaural Beats audio track (plenty available on YouTube) and listen to it with stereo headphones and see if your body is "attuned" to this sort of biofeedback response.

There are a few "frequency bracelets" out there, but this one also happens to look fashionable. This isn't just a fancy accessory, but claims to be clinically proven to be effective (at least according to their own cited PR material). But this product isn't for everyone; the Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet comes with a warning.

Warning: Heart disease patients should not use this device except under advice of a medical doctor. Not suitable for persons implanted with cardiac pacemakers, and those monitored by electronic equipment (e.g. ECG monitors and ECG alarms). Patients with acute diseases and infectious diseases should not use this device. Patients with severe skin diseases or sensitive skin, or those in a state of bleeding should not use this device.

Whether this warning is truly scientifically warranted or just marketing related isn't clear, since we're not afflicted by any of these conditions.

We found we slept marginally better while wearing this device, but as noted by an independent study conducted by the Sleep Diagnosis and Therapy Medical Journal for Sleep Professionals, the effectiveness of these type of bio-frequency devices fall under the "purchase at your own risk" category:

While the current overall results are not statistically significant, a substantial number of subjects demonstrated improvements in the measured individual sleep parameters. Feeling more refreshed after sleep was the primary outcome measure that most clearly separated from placebo. There was not a clear indication that the combination of devices was better than the single device alone condition across all of the sleep parameters.

Pros: The bracelet is light, easy to wear and even looks good enough to wear out. A good night's sleep is priceless and those seeking a possible non-medication solution for stress/sleep related issues might consider this or other bio-feedback frequency products, which may prove effective, whether due to true physiological or a psychological effects of wearing. In our one-person study, we felt a modest improvement in sleep.

Cons: Although a good night's sleep is priceless, this product may not be for everyone's budget. The science behind this device is questionable at best.

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