7 Tips To Maximize Your Efficiency Around The Home

7 Tips To Maximize Your Efficiency Around The Home

MaryAnne Petrella
Aug 22, 2011

Beyond ironing while watching TV, there are plenty of ways to make the most of our household chores. Here are just a few ways to save time and effort next time you tackle your tidying To-Dos.

Start From the Top Down: Apply this mantra to the whole house and each room within it. Think dusting high up surfaces first so the particles fall to the next level, cleaning that level, and so on it goes, leaving the floors to the end.

Glove Love: If you wash the dishes by hand and wear gloves don't remove them right away: take advantage! Clean other kitchen surfaces and head to the bathroom, too. You are already set up to battle some of those less than lovely spots.

Wash and Brew: Speaking of washing the dishes, a friend of mine clued me in to her morning ritual and I think it's a great idea. Start your pot of coffee and wash any dishes from the night before whilst you wait. You might still feel like a zombie without the caffeine kick, but it only takes as long as the brew to do!

Hold the Phone: Dispute a bill or call back a friend during a quieter act of cleaning (best to leave the vacuum alone for this one). Cordless phones are handy, speaker phone handier still, but I really prefer the cordless-headset combo. A little call-center chic works wonders when it comes to clear, cleaning conversations.

Spray and Stray: Don't waste elbow grease on caked-on messes. Spray your cleaner and walk away to complete another task. The extra surface time will allow the solution to penetrate through so you can wipe, rather than scrub, upon your return.

Reach Out: If you need to change a light bulb in a high-up, hard to reach spot, look around. There are probably a few webby corners of dusty door tops that could benefit form the fact that you busted out the ladder.

Water Works Place a vessel under the tub-tap before you start shower. Rather than watching the water wash down the drain as it heats up, reuse it later for the garden or in the washing machine.

What kind of multitasking do you do around the home? Share your tips!

(Image: Flickr member Tom Baugis licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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