5 Ways to Transform Strong Daylight into Good Daylight

5 Ways to Transform Strong Daylight into Good Daylight

Laurie McGinley
Sep 1, 2011

What is good daylight? Is it strong sun pouring in the window? Is it a gently reflected daylight that bounces off a nearby building into a window? Good daylight depends on what you are trying to accomplish in a room. Are you trying to read or work on a computer? or are you taking a cat nap in the sun? Here are five ways to transform strong daylight into good daylight.

Whether you rent or own there are ways of modifying your living space to maximize usable daylight. From the budget conscious DIY dweller to a high end, high design solution here are five ways to transform strong daylight into good daylight in your home.

1. Is your living room too bright to watch an afternoon movie? Is your home office too dim to work without using electric lights? How can you rearrange your activities at home to make the most of the daylight you have? One of these IKEA hacks would allow you to migrate your home office around to make the most of available daylight.

2. Make your own Shoji screen: Shoji screens are an element of traditional Japanese architecture. They are lightweight, easy to store and they can mitigate direct glare into a room. If you find it difficult to read in a room because it is too bright, try placing a Shoji screen between you and the glare. Check out this DIY Shoji screen from ehow.com.

3. Bounced, or reflected daylight is often easier on the eyes than direct daylight. Add a light shelf to your brightest window to draw the daylight farther into the room. A well placed light shelf will reflect direct light up to the ceiling and provide usable daylight farther into the room. You can either place the light shelf on the inside of your window or, if you have a larger budget, you can add them to the outside of the window to provide shading as well as light bouncing. See DigTheHeat for more information on light shelves.

4. Can you transform a very bright room by creating a screen or shelf system that divides an ultra bright zone from the rest of the room like Pisopiso by Atelier Ryo Abe?

5. Seeyond could be part of an extensive daylight remodel for your home. Seeyond creates user-controlled, parametric designs and building systems. A translucent partition from Seeyond could allow you to keep a very sunny portion of a room and mitigate the glare beyond the partition wall.

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(Image: 1. Seeyond; 2. Kristen Lubbe; 3 and 4. Laurie McGinley; 5. Atelier Ryo Abe)

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