5 Unique Items to Give as Housewarming Gifts

5 Unique Items to Give as Housewarming Gifts

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 16, 2011

A bottle of wine, something homemade from your kitchen — yawn. Although they're great options, we're looking for the next big thing that will make you stand out from your friends and get you invited back time and time again for parties and get togethers.

Here are a few quirky suggestions we thought would be fun to receive. Do you have a great idea to add to the list? Something you gave or got from a friend? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

1. Vintage Trophy, Medal, or Ribbons: Think of it as a #1 ribbon (or trophy). They're being spray painted or even dipped in Plasti-Dip lately for bold looks and this is a fun way to tell your friends their apartment is the tops!

2. A Mix CD: Maybe they're your favorite tunes or ones you hope your friends like. Theme the whole CD around songs that focus on home even!

3. A Full Meal: When people stop over they often bring you a nice jar of something they have preserved. Although that's ridiculously beautiful in it's own right, when you're up to your elbows in unpacking duties, the last thing you want is marmalade and there's a good chance you'll still order take out. Instead, pack them a lasagna or pot of soup. It's more work, but totally worth it!

4. A Framed Photo of Their New Place: Yes it's silly and will require a bit of work on your part, but with the advent of camera phones, taking photos is getting easier and easier. Stop in to get it printed off and toss it in a fun home sweet home frame to complete the look.

5. Toilet Paper: Although they probably have a roll or two hanging out, everyone needs toilet paper. Wrap it with a pretty bow and have a laugh, but this can be a great gift, especially if you haven't seen the new space yet and aren't sure what they really need.

Image: Flickr member Plutor licensed for use by Creative Commons

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