5 Tips for Working Distraction-Free

5 Tips for Working Distraction-Free

Eric Chen
Sep 1, 2011

It's been a month since we moved into our new apartment, and the constructions outside on our street seems never-ending. Our situation got us thinking of ways to hear ourselves think and try to hammer out a post for you guys and gals. Join us in our quest for ways to drown out noise and stay focused on work.

Drown out the noise with some music. The tried and true method of music while work is the go-to choice for us. Be sure to create a work playlist that combines both fast-paced rock with mellow easy-listening to keep you on your toes while you work. We prefer playing instrumental or classical during work. No lyrics = less distractions. Check out Tycho for a good music that is easy on your ears but won't put you to sleep. If you're into something more fast pace and upbeat check out Mono, a Japanese instrumental band that will surely put some rock into your workflow. Or for those of you that are into jazz, check out Kero One for its modern take on the American classic.

Tune out with distraction-free software. As if the noise wasn't enough, we find ourselves constantly interrupted by our own computer and mobile devices. There are many distraction-free software available out there but our favorite is the OmmWriter Dana. OmmWriter is a fullscreen application that provides soothing background sound. We especially like the option for keyboard sound, it makes us want to keep typing just so we can listen to our keystrokes turn into raindrops. Check out some of our favorite distraction-free writing software.

Prepare your workspace for focused working. Is your desk a mess? Get in a few minutes early just to clean everything up, only leave out those items that are absolutely necessary to complete your work. This applies to both your physical and virtual workspace, so close those browsers you don't need and get your Documents folder organized. Check out our tips and tricks for organizing your desk and desktop.

Use low tech solutions. Remember those stick things sitting in a cup on your desk? They're called pens and they are used for writing with your hands. Low tech solutions will allow yourself to be completely cut off from the digital distractions, with the added bonus of getting much-needed practice of penmanship.

Take your work somewhere else. For some, the ultimate distraction is being at their workplace. Sometimes things can get crazy around the office, and for those times we like to just go somewhere else. We recommend going to a local museum or park on a quiet weekday afternoon when there is least foot traffic.

What are some ways that help you work more efficiently? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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