10 Ways To Get Your Community To Be More Sustainable

10 Ways To Get Your Community To Be More Sustainable

Allison Verdoorn
Aug 19, 2011

Encouraging your community to become more sustainable is easier than you'd think. While you might expect that you'd get a lot of resistance when bringing up issues of sustainability to the decision makers in your area, they are likely to be receptive. Find out our tips for changing your community and share your own after the jump.

There are lots of ways to get engaged, here are our tips:

1 Attend city council meetings and make your point of view heard.
2 Don't assume someone else is pushing issues of sustainability in your community. Be the advocate your community needs!
3 Come armed with information. Find out how much things you advocate cost and also find out how much money it will save over the long run. Money and plans talk in these kinds of situations.
4 When going to high level meetings bring a few friends along. It never hurts to show that there are many community members out there passionate about sustainability,
5 Find out what is legal and what isn't in your community. There may already be statutes and laws in place that allow you to implement your ideas of sustainability without having to ask. Check out what exists already.
6 Join sustainability groups in your area. Find out who is already working towards this goal and work together to avoid duplication or contradictory messages.
7 Encourage other not-for-profit groups to make sustainability a priority. By helping places like food banks and homeless shelters look toward sustainability it can not only save them money over time but it will create a cohesive community that works toward overall goals of community wellness.
8 Get businesses on your side. Communicate with business leaders in your community and encourage them to be sustainable and be public about their green choices.
9 Create an award system. Recognize sustainability efforts in your community publicly.
10 Be a great model of what a sustainable advocate looks like in your community.

What do you do to advocate for sustainability in your community?

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